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Oh my those ears! this sweet, young, intelligent female American Staffordshire-Pharaoh Hound x is Shasta. She has a gorgeous soft coat: blonde-caramel with some creamy highlights around her shoulders, much like a Labrador. She loves to play, to hike, to walk, to hang out, and to explore. Shasta has passed her cat test. She is fond of male dogs yet would need to meet any new family members. This lady has many skills including sit, stay, lay down and `Smile`! She is also good at `find` and enjoys riding in cars. Shasta is especially adorable when she rolls on her back, tummy in the air, enjoying belly rubs--she`s a bit ticklish and even blushes!:) Shasta needs a 6` tall fenced yard to enjoy playtime and adventures.

Those ears! Shasta is a very smart, athletic 2 year-old, female, American Staffordshire Terrier/Pharaoh Hound mix. Her bronze-polished soft fur ripples over her muscular, wiggly body as she happily chases tennis balls and rope tugs in the play yard. She loves to play: rope tug, fetch, find…you name it. She is an excellent learner and would love agility training. Need a running partner? Shasta has her track shoes on and is ready to go. Shasta requires a fenced yard for adoption. Shasta passed her cat test.


Name : "Shasta"
Sex    : Female
Age    : 5 Years, 1 Months 
Animal # : 242344
Species   : Dog
Breed      : Pitbull / Pharaoh Hound
Color     : gold
Marking :
Neutered   : Yes

Adoption Information

Clatsop County Animal Control & Shelter reserves the right to deny adoption to anyone at any time for any reason. In order to do what is best for each animal, they are adopted on a first come first served basis at the shelter to qualified recipients only. A drivers license or state ID must be shown at the shelter.

All animals from the shelter will be spayed or neutered before they leave. We spay and neuter as many animals as we are able to before adoption to make the process faster. No animal will leave the shelter without being spayed and neutered. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please allow yourself enough time to spend time with the animal and do the application and interview. The application and interview take approximately 20 minutes to complete. To adopt an animal you need to fill out an application and be interviewed. All household members will need to meet the animal prior to adoption. Landlord approval is needed if you are a renter.

Dog adoptions have a few more steps. We require that you bring in any current dog either living with you or that will be a frequent visitor for a meet and greet. After this, if the application is approved a home inspection will be scheduled. This is done within two business days. Our goal is to make sure that we find our animals their forever home.

Animal Adoption Fees vary so please call the shelter for adoption fees.

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