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Gidget is a 7.5 year old female tuxedo cat. She is on speci...more
"Gidget", Female, 7Yrs 8 Months   black/white DLH Cat 115106
Falkor is an Alaskan Malamute/Mastiff mix who likes to be ar...more
"Falkor", Male, 7Yrs 4 Months   fawn Alaskan Malmute Dog 129116
Ollie is a bonded pair with Dottie. Ollie will need to be on...more
"Ollie", Male, 4Yrs 10 Months   orange DSH Cat 181418
Eight year old male medium-haired cat. Owner couldn`t keep....more
"Woody", Male, 8Yrs 2 Months   brown/black/white DMH Cat 205022
Alaska is a special needs dog. She requires special food an...more
"Alaska", Female, 2Yrs 6 Months   white German Shepherd Dog Dog 248008
No children under 16 please. No kitties or dogs. Needs a f...more
"Zola", Female, 1Yrs 8 Months   tan/black German Shepherd Dog Dog 249800
Ms. Tally is a gorgeous, tall Anatolian Shepherd/Lab x. Can...more
"Tally", Female, 3Yrs 3 Months   yellow/white Anatolian Shepherd Dog 255511
Arly is a 7 year old male tabby cat. He`s still adjusting t...more
"Arly", Male, 7Yrs 2 Months   grey tabbie Tabby Cat 256482
Peaches is a 7 year old female light orange tabby. Came to ...more
"Peaches", Female, 7Yrs 2 Months   apricot Tabby Cat 256618
Edward is a 3 year old male tabby. He`s very shy, still adj...more
"Edward", Male, 3Yrs 2 Months   orange DSH Cat 256835
Dottie is bonded with Ollie. She is a 7 year old female dil...more
"Dottie", Female, 7Yrs 2 Months   grey Tortoiseshell, diluted Cat 256959
Baxter is friendly and vocal at feeding time. He`s funny wi...more
"Baxter Black", Male, 4Yrs 1 Months   black DSH Cat 257966
Lucien is a 4 year old male cat. He came to the shelter as ...more
"Lucien", Male, 4Yrs 1 Months   black DSH Cat 258355
Cooper is a 3 year old male tabby. He came to the shelter a...more
"Cooper", Male, 3Yrs 0 Months   brown tabbie DSH Cat 258708
This medium sized 4.5 year old girl can be described in one ...more
"Scottie", Female, 4Yrs 5 Months   brown Mastiff Dog 259209
"Binx", Male, 0Yrs 2 Months   black DSH Cat 259226
Maya is a 4 year old long haired orange tabby female. She w...more
"Maya", Female, 4Yrs 0 Months   buff DLH Cat 259255
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