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"Scout", Female, 9Yrs 4 Months   black DSH Cat 215603
"Bear", Male, 4Yrs 0 Months   black DSH Cat 249595
Bella is a 6 year old female hound/pit x. Bella is a sweet ...more
"Bella", Female, 7Yrs 2 Months   brown/black Hound Dog 270112
Bambi is 3 years old and full of energy and love. She has a...more
"Bambi", Female, 3Yrs 9 Months   grey/white Pitbull Dog 273453
What a hunk of love! This handsome stripy fellow is Tiger. ...more
"Tiger", Male, 2Yrs 7 Months   brindle/white Pitbull Dog 273592
Milo is a handsome and smart boy who likes toys and explorin...more
"Milo", Male, 2Yrs 6 Months   orange/white DSH Cat 276808
Veronica is a seven-year-old smart, sensitive and loyal Phar...more
"Veronica", Female, 7Yrs 4 Months   red Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog 277522
Miloh is a mesmerizing Husky/German Shepherd mix with a beau...more
"Miloh", Male, 4Yrs 6 Months   red/white Husky Dog 277564
This hunk of love is sweet Nova. She is an American Staffor...more
"Nova", Female, 4Yrs 5 Months   brindle/white Pitbull Dog 280146
Those earnest eyes! Calvin is a sweet, smart young mix of b...more
"Calvin", Male, 1Yrs 7 Months   black/white Pitbull Dog 281534
Humphrey is a goofy and lovable young Great Pyrenees and Lab...more
"Humphrey", Male, 2Yrs 2 Months   white Great Pyrenees Dog 282895
Bonnie is a beautiful, young Great Dane mix. This long-legg...more
"Bonnie", Female, 3Yrs 4 Months   tan/white Great Dane Dog 283085
Alfred is a 2 year old gentle giant. This mellow guy is loo...more
"Alfred", Male, 2Yrs 1 Months   fawn/white Maremma Dog 283809
Do you have space for a large snuggle bear? Anna is your gi...more
"Anna", Female, 8Yrs 1 Months   black/rust Rottweiler, German Dog 283811
Rusty is a sweet, one year old Ridgeback mix. This young, h...more
"Rusty", Male, 1Yrs 3 Months   grey/red Thai Ridgeback Dog 283917
Bernie is an extra friendly cat who loves everyone! This bo...more
"Bernie", Male, 12Yrs 1 Months   brown tabbie DSH Cat 284082
Katie Bug is just as cute as her name. This 2-year old swee...more
"Katie Bug", Female, 2Yrs 0 Months   tabbie DSH Cat 284912
Duchess is a nice cat but is undersocialized. She`s extreme...more
"Duchess", Female, 3Yrs 0 Months   brown tabbie DSH Cat 284965
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